Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel
“Images of Modern America”

Grand Hotel is in its third century as “America’s summer place.” The ambiance of Mackinac Island combines with the hotel’s ultimate level of hospitality, premiere dining, and five-star guest experience for an unforgettable stop on any visitor’s itinerary. The setting itself has been captured by Hollywood on film, selected by politicians and the business community for conferences, and explored by those seeking relaxation and top-notch amenities for everything from weddings to family vacations. Grand Hotel has been named a National Historic Landmark and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

In Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel, author Mike Fornes takes the reader up the red carpeted steps, through the doors, back to the past, behind the scenes, and to today’s world of Mackinac Island finery. While operating the Straits Area Step-On Guide Service for three decades, Fornes has escorted many private tours, corporate organizations, and motor coach groups to the 19th Century mystique of Mackinac Island.

He has also lectured and performed as a musician in Grand Hotel’s theater.

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